Enterprise-Level Wifi Security

With an easy to use interface. Wifi Security is not just for the nerds anymore


What we offer

WIFI with WEP Authentication

VPN systems

Website Authentication

Radius in less than 10 minutes

Super user-friendly design

Status dashboard gives you all Cloud Radius info at a glance

Cloud Radius UI gives you the ability to manage sites and radius users

The Mobile web and PC web versions we designed to have a similar look and feel to it, making it extremely easy to switch between the two environments

Request user authentication activity logs in seconds which can be used to verify user presence

See who is logged on and on which AP in a multi AP environment

Completely separate environment for each Radius Server for maximum security

Encrypted Authentication with unique auto renewable certificate for encrypted last mile communications

Secured Radius service hosting in SA



Frequently Asked Questions

Simultaneous use is a term we use to indicate how many devices can be logged on at the same time with the same username. This means that a user with a simultaneous use setting of 2 can log 2 devices into the WIFI network at the same time. A third device will not be allowed to log in. So, the user can connect with a cellphone and a laptop to the WIFI network at the same time with the same username.

  • Signup is free.
  • Once signed up you can create your Cloud Radius server and start to use it.
  • Trial period is 7 days. Only one per company.
  • Payment is required on invoice for services to continue.
  • If no payment is received, services will be suspended.

All services are hosted in South Africa's biggest data centres. and backed up to cloud services with maximum encryption and security

It's difficult to think of anything cybersecurity-related as still being relevant. Given its age, it seems sense to worry about the security of RADIUS servers in an era where cyberthreats are far more prevalent. The good news is RADIUS servers continue to be extremely secure. Instead of using credentials, which are constantly at risk of being stolen by cybercriminals, they work best when used in conjunction with x.509 digital certificates.

Radius is a client-server protocol and software that enables remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorise their access to the requested system or service.

In cases where one person gets hold of the WIFI router key and start to share it with the rest of his friends, the network can very quickly get saturated and this can lead to poor network performance. This can also create a huge security risk since when an unauthorised person obtain a network key from a friend, this person will have access to any device on the network. If your network devices are not properly secured, then this can have devastating consequences for a company.

  • A Cloud Radius server
  • A RADIUS (WEP) compatible Access Point (AP)
  • A way to configure the AP to connect to the Cloud Radius server.
  • The Connection IP and Authentication and Accounting ports for the
  • Cloud Radius server

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